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Union Relations

Bestco Construction maintains labour agreements with Carpenter’s Local 18, and Labourer’s Local 837. Union affiliation prov ides t h e advantage of having a stable source of skilled labour available on an as required basis. Additional personnel are hired as needed to supplement our permanent crew of supervisors, carpenters and labourers.


It is the policy of Bestco Construction to maintain the highest safety standards and provide everyone with a safe working environment. Bestco Construction employees, sub-contractors
and their employees will follow the General Safe Practices Guidelines set out in our Safety Policy and shall comply with the latest edition of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Safety Policy and Procedures as they are set in relation to specific projects, at all times for the duration of the project.

Management Capabilities & CM Capabilities

Bestco Construction has the capacity and experience to undertake the most difficult of projects. Our staff of milti-disciplinary professionals will provide full representation to the project from the early design until project completion, ensuring continuity from design to construction.

Consideration will be given to the most advantageous cost control management methods. In Order to maintain budget forecasts, it is essential that cost information is accurate, concisely presented and credible. Proven cost management techniques are utilised to maintain proactive cost management throughout the development of the project.

  1. At project commencement, a project budget is developed which adequately reflects the clients desired scope and quality that can be achieved within the overall project budget.
  2. Computer technology has been developed in-house to establish scope specific budgets and to produce clear, concise reports.
  3. In-house, experienced quantity surveyors, specialising in architectural, structural, mechanical & electrical components will be utilised. This specialist is assisted by an extensive in-house database of current and relevant cost information.
  4. Sub-trades and suppliers of building components are contacted to assist with and verify current market pricing and competitiveness.
  5. During the Tendering Phase, specific separate, alternative, and unit prices are requested n order to provide the ability to incorporate and/or delete design enhancements. This method has proven successful and ensures total flexibility in allowing us, the client, and design teams to determine the final cost of the project relative to the construction budget.
  6. Cost monitoring and evaluation process keeps us, the client, and design team fully informed of the project status at all times.

Our methodology hinges on the creation of a partnership with the owner and design teams, along with excellent communication. The results can be nothing but successful.


Through scheduling, planning and control we will achieve the overall project objectives. Carefully planning a detailed course of action and resource allocation is established to our detailed construction schedule. Through control we measure performance in relation to the plan and correct any deviations from it.