About us

Bestco Construction is a family owned and operated General Construction firm.Bestco Construction was incorporated in 1987, and began operation in February 1987 from a small office in the East End industrial core of The City of Hamilton. We provide project management, design build, demolition, alteration, addition and new construction services.

Bestco Construction – has been involved in various projects over the years, ranging from small office renovations to multi-million dollar projects. 

From the beginning of the project our office/ site staff analysis all functions and methods by asking such questions as:

What is it? What does it do? What must it do? What does it cost? What other material or method could be used to do the same job? What would the alternate material or method cost?

Through this system of investigation, unnecessary expenditures are avoided, by the elimination or modification of anything that adds cost, resulting in improved value and economy for our customers. All expenditures relating to design, construction, maintenance, operation, replacement, etc., are considered.